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Children’s Book Illustrators and Authors Come Alive

Ongoing Exhibition

Most readers are introduced to picture books at a very young age. The wondrous, informative, humorous, and sometimes mischievous images in these books compel children to turn the page. By making a connection between words and pictures, children learn language, enrich relationships between parent and child, and develop a lifelong love of reading.

The 11 illustrations shown in the Children’s Book Illustrators and Authors Come Alive exhibition are diverse in both medium and content. One illustrator utilizes innovative digital photo collage to revisit a classic Mother Goose tale, while another paints a Western folk image on cedar wood veneer. There are illustrations that offer moving artistic interpretations about significant moments, both relatable and inspirational.

Numerous Library copies of the books in which the illustrations appear will also be on hand, so visitors can borrow and share them with their children.

At Stephen A. Schwarzman Building