Social Work Student Interns

Did you know?

There are social work student interns at select library locations to help you find help with housing, food assistance, healthcare, short-term shelter, and more.

Hours vary — drop into one of the locations listed below or call for details. Download a copy of the following list of locations at the bottom of this page

Check back in Fall 2022 for updated locations


Chatham Square
33 East Broadway

The Bronx

Bronx Library Center
310 E Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx
(718) 579-4244

Castle Hill
947 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx

78 W 168th St, Bronx
(718) 293-7800

660 Soundview Ave, Bronx
(718) 589-0880

Thank you to the students and staff from the following colleges that have made this program possible: NYU Silver School of Social Work, Columbia University and CUNY Lehman College.