Fall 2022 Picks for Kids

25 Books Found

  • New In Town

    Evocative art and well-stylized narration, both in presentation and writing, come together in a picture book that will delight children and parents alike!

    - Stephen Amato
    Cover of  New In Town
  • After the Fall

    Story of trauma and resilience through the lens/story of Humpty Dumpty after the fall and how he learned to not fear heights anymore to truly soar!

    Cover of After the Fall
  • Amari and the Night Brothers

    Amari Peters has been expelled from school for standing up to a bully who reminds her she doesn’t belong there; due to her skin color.  Her brother Quinton has been missing and presumed dead, but Amari doesn’t believe that. So when she is offered a spot at the “ Bureau of Supernatural Affairs” the school her brother attended, she believes she will finally find out what happened to him. For Fans of Tristan Strong Punches A Hole in the Sky and the Percy Jackson Series.


    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of Amari and the Night Brothers
  • Amelia Erroway: Castaway Commander

    Rich watercolors and riveting writing make this graphic novel come to life in astounding ways!  For those that are dreaming of their next big adventure!

    - Stephen Amato
    Cover of Amelia Erroway: Castaway Commander
  • The Best Liars in Riverview

    An insightful exploration of what it's like to come to terms with who you might be. Aubrey, assigned female at birth, and Joel, questioning his sexuality as his parents move towards separation, are the protagonists of this compassionate coming-of-age story.

    - Rachel Skinner-O'Neill
    Cover of The Best Liars in Riverview
  • Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms

    Follow Cameron and his friends into the magical kingdom of Chidani. There he must fight to save the kingdom, his friends, and maybe even his missing parents. Full of Igbo cultural references, this fantasy title is also action-packed!

    Cover of Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms
  • The Carpet People

    A whimsical, wandering, and wonderful adventure that predates the magic, both literal and figurative, of Discworld.  Check this book out if you're a fan of Pratchett’s Discworld books or Neil Gaiman!

    - Stephen Amato
    Cover of The Carpet People
  • The Counterclockwise Heart

    Calling all fans of adventure! A prince was born with a clock as his heart, and he's running out of time. After being chased out of his home, he sets out to find out how to stop it... and live.

    Cover of The Counterclockwise Heart
  • Dream, Annie, Dream

    How to fit in when you want to stand out is hard for Aoi Inoue, aka Annie, an American-born Japanese girl embarking on 7th grade with aspirations to be an actress AND a basketball player - because this is America and you can be and do anything here - right? 


    - Rachel Skinner-O'Neill
    Cover of Dream, Annie, Dream
  • Edible Colors

    Learn about colors and biodiversity- Shows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that typically aren't seen in American Markets. Features photos of colorful fruits and vegetables.

    Cover of Edible Colors
  • Fighting Words

    Ten-year-old Della has always relied on her older sister, Suki. After their mother is incarcerated, her boyfriend commits a terrible act. Reeling, Suki attempts to take her own life, sending herself and Della tumbling into darkness. Dark and hard-hitting but worth it.

    - Atticus Sutcliffe
    Cover of Fighting Words
  • Hana’s Hundreds of Hijabs

    Illustrated by Manal Mirza | Hana has a very large collection of hijabs–but she needs a solution when her collection becomes too large for her to handle! She uses her clever problem-solving skills and shares her good fashion sense with her community! A funny story and a great introduction to hijab. 

    - Susannah Aziz
    Cover of Hana’s Hundreds of Hijabs
  • I Won't Give Up My Rubber Band

    A child enumerates the universe of possibility contained within a rubber band. Yoshitake's illustrations invite conversation, hilarity, and knowing nods from kids and adults alike. A cliffhanger ending points to a sequel: the paper clip.

    - Hal Schrieve
    Cover of I Won't Give Up My Rubber Band
  • The Marvellers

    Ella is the first Conjuror to attend the Arcanum Training Institute, facing bias from those who view her magic as unnatural. This book would be Harry Potter if Harry were a Black girl.

    Cover of The Marvellers
  • The Moon from Dehradun

    Illustrated by Tarun Lak | The story of one girl who must leave everything familiar to make the long journey to live in a new place. Azra takes her doll everywhere, but when her family suddenly leaves their beloved family home, the doll gets left behind. Inspired by the author’s family story, this lyrical, emotional picture book depicts the strength and courage of a displaced family during the largest forced migrations ever recorded in history.  A great picture book for readers interested in non-fiction but looking for an emotional tale.

    - Susannah Aziz
    Cover of The Moon from Dehradun
  • Nour's Secret Library

    Illustrated by Vali Mintzi | During the Syrian war, a young girl named Nour and her cousin Amir, who lives in the suburb of Darayya, begin gathering several books found in buildings and streets that were bombed and abandoned. With the help of other friends in the community, they would go on to create an underground library that held thousands of books. This library would become a comfort and shelter to many who stayed in the town. Facts about Syria, a glossary, and a list of 8 Famous Libraries of the Middle East are included.


    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of Nour's Secret Library
  • Paws: Gabby Gets it Together

    When 7th graders, Priya and Monday and 6th grader, Gabby, launch a dog walking service as a way to fulfill their dream of having dogs of their own, they have no idea what will be unleashed! A fun and vibrant tale. Five woofs!

    - Rachel Skinner-O'Neill
    Cover of Paws: Gabby Gets it Together
  • Pina

    Pina loves his soft, snug home. It's safe there. But when he runs out of his favorite ingredient, forest cheese, he must venture out into the scary outside. Filled with trepidation, Pina braves the journey and is surprised to discover that there is a beautiful world waiting for him.

    - Annie Lin
    Cover of Pina
  • Pizza: A Slice of History

    This nonfiction picture book looks at how pizza became the delicious meal we all know and love today. With Pizzoli's adorable drawings, this funny book is a must-read for all pizza lovers, young and old. It's also interactive, making a great read-aloud for one or many! 


    - Sarah West
    Cover of Pizza: A Slice of History
  • Red Scare

    Set in the 1950s, this graphic novel with a retro sci-fi twist will have readers on the edge of their seats. Pre-teen Peggy is struggling to recover from polio when she stumbles upon a mysterious object that allows her to fly. Still, Peggy isn't the only one who covets this seemingly supernatural trinket.

    Cover of Red Scare
  • Restart

    How does a bully adjust to school, his classmates, and life after a fall off a roof leaves him with memory loss and not remembering anything before the fall? As he discovers who he is, he must decide who he wants to be. This book teaches empathy and doing the right thing.

    - Margaret Kaczorowski
    Cover of Restart
  • Ride On

    Friendships, fitting in, connecting through fandom, and PONIES! Frazzled from the high-stakes drama of competing in horse competitions, 12-year-old Victoria switches stables and rekindles her love of horses while geeking out with new friends.

    - Rachel Skinner-O'Neill
    Cover of Ride On
  • Star Knights

    Tad dreams of being a heroic Star Knight, but the other animals look down on him for being a creepy frog. When he gets the chance to help the lost Star King return to space, will he be able to prove himself? A funny and poignant tale of heroism and the pain of being an outsider.


    - Elizabeth Graham
    Cover of Star Knights
  • Troublemaker

    Jordan and his friend Michael brave the streets of LA after a not guilty verdict has been delivered in the Rodney King case. With the community on edge, Jordan tries to get to his father, who is in Koreatown protecting their family store.  As they travel through the night, Jordan learns about the importance of family and community by respecting those who live in it. A debut novel from the actor featured in the Harold and Kumar films.


    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of Troublemaker
  • You Are Life

    A beautifully illustrated picture book ode to immigrants, their children, and how their cultures both weave into and enrich their adopted homelands.

    Cover of You Are Life