Summer 2022 Picks for Teens

29 Books Found

  • Art of Protest

    From Keith Haring to Extinction Rebellion, the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, what does revolution look like? Discover the impact of words and images in this powerful book. Full title: Art of Protest: Creating, Discovering, and Activating Art for Your Revolution.

    Cover of Art of Protest
  • Banned Book Club

    Art by Ko Hyung-Ju | The autobiography of a South Korean woman's student days under an authoritarian regime, and how she defied state censorship.

    Cover of Banned Book Club
  • Casi alcanzar todo

    Juan, JD y Fabi, tres jóvenes amigos, narran su historia y comparten sus sueños.

    Cover of Casi alcanzar todo
  • Determined to Stay: Palestinian Youth Fight for Their Village

    The moving story of the people of Palestinian village Silwan, located just outside the ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

    Cover of Determined to Stay: Palestinian Youth Fight for Their Village
  • Disability Visibility (Adapted for Young Adults)

    According to the last census, one in five people in the U.S. lives with a disability. Some are visible, some are hidden—but all are underrepresented in media and popular culture. Full title: Disability Visibility (Adapted for Young Adults): 17 First-Person Stories for Today.

    Cover of Disability Visibility (Adapted for Young Adults)
  • Displacement

    While on vacation in San Francisco, Kiku finds herself transported back to 1940s America—to the same Japanese incarceration camp her grandmother was relocated to. She experiences the anger, hopelessness, perseverance, and resistance of the Nisei and Issei.

    Cover of Displacement
  • El épico fracaso de Arturo Zamora

    Arturo, un joven baloncestista en Miami, aprende el poder de la poesía, después de conocer a Carmen, una admiradora del distinguido escritor José Martí.

    Cover of El épico fracaso de Arturo Zamora
  • Enola Holmes y el misterio de la doble desaparición

    La valiente y curiosa Enola emprende la búsqueda de personas desaparecidas y a la vez va tras la pista de su madre para averiguar su paradero.

    Cover of Enola Holmes y el misterio de la doble desaparición
  • Furia: A Novel

    Seventeen-year-old Camila Hassan, a rising soccer star in Rosario, Argentina, dreams of playing professionally, in defiance of her father's wishes and at the risk of her budding romance with Diego.

    Cover of Furia: A Novel
  • Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time

    A companion to the powerful documentary about educating girls around the world draws on new research to illuminate the dramatic facts behind the film, exploring challenges ranging from child marriage and slavery to sex trafficking, gender discrimination, and poverty.

    Cover of Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time
  • Jane Against the World

    A history of the fight for reproductive rights in the United States. Tracing the path to the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade and the continuing battle for women's rights. Full title: Jane Against the World: Roe v. Wade and the Fight for Reproductive Rights.

    Cover of Jane Against the World
  • Juliet respira profundo

    Juliet, una lesbiana puertorriqueña en El Bronx, consigue un trabajo con su escritora feminista favorita, pero luego descubre que hay diferencias entre ellas.

    Cover of Juliet respira profundo
  • La odisea

    Adaptación por Fiona Macdonald; ilustración por Li Sidong; y traducción por Juan Carlos Hoyos | Después de la guerra de Troya, Odiseo emprende su travesía marítima de regreso a su patria.

    Cover of La odisea
  • La sirena

    Traducción de Jorge Rizzo | Kahlen, una joven sirena que atrae humanos con su voz mortal, pone su vida en peligro al enamorarse de Akinli, un buen chico atractivo.

    Cover of La sirena
  • Las fuentes del silencio

    Las vidas de Daniel, hijo de un magnate petrolero tejano y Ana, una joven proveniente de una familia afectada por la guerra civil en Madrid, España, se entrecruzan en una inolvidable historia de amor.

    Cover of Las fuentes del silencio
  • Lifting as We Climb: Black Women's Battle for the Ballot Box

    For African American women, the fight for the right to vote was only one battle. An eye-opening book that tells the important, overlooked story of Black women as a force in the suffrage movement—when fellow suffragists did not accept them as equal partners in the struggle.

    Cover of Lifting as We Climb: Black Women's Battle for the Ballot Box
  • Llámalo como quieras

    Rob y Maegan, dos jóvenes afectados por su situación familiar, arriesgan su amistad cuando tratan de afrontar sus dificultades con valentía y pudor.

    Cover of Llámalo como quieras
  • The Magic Fish

    It's hard enough trying to communicate with your parents as a kid, but for Tién̂, he doesn't even have the right words because his parents are struggling with their English. Is there a Vietnamese word for what he's going through? Is there a way to tell them he's gay?

    Cover of The Magic Fish
  • Make a Zine!: Start Your Own Underground Publishing Revolution

    The fourth edition of Make a Zine! hits on more advanced topics like Creative Commons licenses, legality, and sustainability. Illustrated by an army of notable and soon-to-be-notable artists and cartoonists, Make a Zine! also takes a look at the burgeoning indie comix scene.

    Cover of Make a Zine!: Start Your Own Underground Publishing Revolution
  • Me dicen Güero: Poemas de un chavo de la frontera

    Un chico mexicano y americano supera las dificultades de la escuela del séptimo grado a través de la poesía.

    Cover of Me dicen Güero: Poemas de un chavo de la frontera
  • Pocket Change Collective Series

    Pocket Change Collective is a series of small books with big ideas from today's leading activists and artists.

    Cover of Pocket Change Collective Series
  • Política para mentes inquietas

    Una introducción al mundo de la política que define varios sistemas de gobiernos e incluye importantes datos históricos, además de la influencia de los medios de comunicación en la toma de decisiones.

    Cover of Política para mentes inquietas
  • Punching the Air

    From award-winning bestselling author Ibi Zoboi and prison reform activist Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated Five comes a powerful YA novel in verse about a boy who is wrongfully incarcerated.

    Cover of Punching the Air
  • Revolution in Our Time

    In this comprehensive, inspiring, and all-too-relevant history of the Black Panther Party, Magoon introduces readers to the Panthers' community activism, grounded in the concept of self-defense. Full title: Revolution in Our Time: The Black Panther Party's Promise to the People.

    Cover of Revolution in Our Time
  • Run: Book One

    Art by L. Fury & Nate Powell | The life story of John Lewis and the struggles seen across the United States after the Civil Rights Movement.

    Cover of Run: Book One
  • Voces sin fronteras / Our Stories Our Truth

    Sixteen young people from the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) in Washington, D.C., tell their stories of immigration and transformation in the form of comics. Full title: Voces sin fronteras / Our Stories Our Truth: True Comics from the Latin American Youth Center.

    Cover of Voces sin fronteras / Our Stories Our Truth
  • The Voting Booth

    The first year they are eligible to vote, Marva and Duke meet at their polling place and, over the course of one crazy day, fall in love.

    Cover of The Voting Booth
  • You Call This Democracy?

    Rusch examines some of the more problematic aspects of our government but, more importantly, offers ways for young people to fix them. Full title: You Call This Democracy?: How to Fix Our Government and Deliver Power to the People.

    Cover of You Call This Democracy?
  • You Truly Assumed

    After a terrorist attack rocks the country and anti-Islamic sentiment stirs, three Black Muslim girls create a space where they can shatter assumptions and share truths.

    Cover of You Truly Assumed