A whimsical and colorful illustration of a child riding the back of an adult character with White text with a black drop shadow on a turquoise background reads: Boundless 10 Years of Seeding Black Comic Futures

Boundless: 10 Years of Seeding Black Comic Futures, celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture’s Black Comic Book Festival,  through photographs, memorabilia, creator highlights, comic book reading stations, and clips from past festival programs. Drawn from the Schomburg Center’s archival collections, this exhibition illuminates the long history of Black comics and sequential art creators and their motivations to render humor, justice, irony, and futurism in Black aesthetic and liberatory practices from the Golden Age of comic books (1938-1956) to the present.  

The Schomburg Center Black Comic Book Festival, co-founded in 2013 by Deirdre Hollman (former Schomburg Director of Education) with John Jennings (artist, scholar, publisher), Jerry Craft (author and illustrator), and Jonathan Gayles (filmmaker and scholar), was first conceived to connect Black comics scholars, artists, publishers, and audiences in one multifaceted celebration. Over the last ten years, the festival has grown into a regional hub for Black creative expression and economic opportunity for independent comic book creators while instituting a social network for a wide-range of fandom. Pivotal to introducing a broader public to emerging and veteran creators like Tim Fielder, Vita Ayala, Riley Wilson, David Walker, and Michelene Hess, the festival has attracted over 50,000 visitors and created a huge platform for the diverse range of visual and written content produced by independent creators. In addition to exhibitors, the festival’s annual slate of talks that contextualize these Black comics with the ideas moving through the currents of popular culture, mainstream politics, and the comic book industry. Past panels have addressed Reimagining the Past: Historical Fiction and Alternative Histories (2018), Blerds and Bleeks Speak: Celebrating, Archiving and Reporting on Black Fan Culture (2016), Black Characters Matter: Social Justice and Representation in Comics (2018), #StrongFemaleLeads in Comics and Graphic Novels (2020) to name a few.

The annual Black Comic Book Festival contributes to the ongoing visionary exploration of the interconnectedness of Black history and Black futures.


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Colorful illustration of Black scientists in space, reading and floating in the air next to a logo for the 11th Annual Schomburg Center Black Comic Book Festival.

Artwork: TJ Sterling

Starting February 1: Registration for #SchomCom 2023

The Schomburg Center's Black Comic Book Festival celebrates the rich tradition of Black comics featuring panel discussions, a cosplay show, and more! The 11th annual festival from April 14–15, 2023, will include both in-person and virtual events.

Plus! Revisit #SchomCom2022, which marked a decade of bringing together animators, Blerds, bloggers, cosplay lovers, fans, families, illustrators, independent publishers, and writers to celebrate Black comic books and graphic novels. 

(#SchomCom2023 Art by T.J. Sterling)


Selected Anthologies and Biographies from the Anniversary Exhibition


Boundless: 10 Years of Seeding Black Comic Book Futures is organized by Schomburg Center’s Associate Director of Public Programs & Exhibitions, Novella Ford, Exhibition Coordinator, Shante ́ Cozier, with consultation from Deirdre Hollman, Black Comics Collective

Exhibition & Graphic Designer: Julian Alexander from Slang, Inc.

Art Handlers: Aviram Cohen, Todd Kelly, Caleb Nussear, Jun Ishida


Schomburg Center Director: Joy Bivins

Art and Artifacts Division: Tammi Lawson

Jean Blackwell Hutson Research and Reference Division: Maira Liriano, A.J. Muhammad, Gretchen Alexander

Photographs and Prints Division: Dalila Scruggs, Michael Mery

Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division: Cheryl Beredo, Barrye Brown

Moving Image & Recorded Sound Division: Shola Lynch, Anika Paris

Public Programs Associate Producer: Khalilah Bates

Manager of Education Programs and Outreach: Kadiatou Tubman

Chief of Staff: KC Matthews

Schomburg’s Security and Facilities Staff

Contributors: Tim Fielder, Ram Devineni

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