Other Assistive Technologies

Many NYPL locations offer access to a variety of devices that provide patrons with disabilities easier access to Library resources.

Assistive Amplification Systems

A system, either infrared or copper induction loop, which relays sound to hearing impaired attendees of library programs, such as lectures, book discussions, readings, and training programs. If possible, call ahead to ensure that the Assistive Listening system will be set up and functioning when you come. Available at:

Personal Reading Machines

A device that scans printed text and reads aloud in synthetic speech. Available at:

Closed-Circuit Television Enlargers (CCTVs)

A monitor that enlarges printed material 45-60 times. Available at:

Other Devices at Andrew Heiskell Library

All of the following items are available at the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library for patrons to use on site or to ask for an appointment to have coaching and training on by the Assistive Technology Department. Items with stars should be reserved ahead of time. For appointments to use starred equipment, or to request coaching or training, please call 212-621-0627 or email chanceyfleet@nypl.org. Group workshops are ongoing as well. 

  • ClearView Plus CCTV with Speech, for reading with magnification and speech together. Other CCTVs available too.
  • E.A.S.Y Tactile Drawing Tablet, for creating raised-line drawings*
  • An iMac with voiceover, zoom, and dictation
  • iPad and iPod touch with voiceover, zoom, and dictation*
  • Abisee Ace, for reading hard copy material using magnification, speech, or braille*
  • Victor Stream 2nd generation, for learning to download BARD books wirelessly*
  • KNFB Reader, an app on iPod Touch that allows you to snap a picture of text and have it read out loud and/or magnified*
  • Brailliant braille display, braille input and output for Mac, PC and, iOS devices*
  • ScannR, a scanning machine that reads text aloud
  • Juliet braille embossers
  • National Braille Press titles for onsite reference via electronic text and screenreading, including Tweeting Blind, iOS Without the Eye, Getting the Picture (on blind photography), and more*
  • Federally-provided iBill currency readers